Motivational Speeches

Motivational speeches for large public gatherings, as well as for groups or teams within your organization, can deliver unforgettable experiences on specific topics. These engaging speeches are carefully crafted and follow proven recipes for mixing education with entertainment.

The selection of a relevant topic is one of the most critical decisions. Examples include:

  • Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick to Avoid Decision Traps and Snares,
  • A Titanic Lesson About Sunk Costs and Deck Chairs,
  • Better Sorry Than Safe: Be Smart, Be Bold, Be Quick,
  • Beware of Charlatans, False Prophets, Rhetorical Tricksters, and Snake Oil Salesmen,
  • Reward Outcomes and You Create Fear; Reward Decisions and You Create Value, and
  • Analysis Paralysis: The Holy Grail of Certainty Meets the Unholy Dread of Uncertainty.