Creating Enterprise Strategy

An effective enterprise strategy coordinates key decisions across your organization's spheres of influence. Businesses often face cross-functional decisions such as product development, manufacturing, marketing, financing, and international focus. Because the time-frame is long-term, many different uncertainties contribute to a variety of risks. Any winning strategy must address the dynamics, uncertainty, and complexity of your organization's situation.

To develop a strategy that delivers significant value, we need a process that encourages clarity in communication throughout the organization -- from both the top-down and the bottom-up. Such a dialogue will enable us to:

  • create a clear and actionable vision of the destination of our strategy,
  • brainstorm issues and then crystallize them into our key decision-focused challenges,
  • structure strategies, by generating options that can be organized into a strategy table,
  • model scenarios of uncertain events, using a decision diagram and a tornado diagram,
  • clarify preferences in a logically reasoned, appropriately weighted, multiattribute function.
  • analyze the risk and return of each alternative strategy, including sensitivity and information analysis,
  • agree on the preferred strategy and allocate necessary resources, and
  • plan for actions that result in eventual success.